Friday, February 19, 2010

1 month old!

I cannot believe that our little girl turned one month yesterday! Golly gee it does go by fast! Eden has brought so much joy and added a sweet spirit to our home. We just can't get enough of our little miracle. Here are some pictures that have captured the first month of her life.
Here first sunday at church - and she did so well! (But daddy wouldn't share)
Getting her first bath

The day after we brought her home from the hospital my family came. Here is Nana and Aunt Ryanne, they just couldn't keep their eyes off of her. Nana and Papa could not stay very long, but Aunt Ryanne stayed an extra week and boy was I grateful. She helped me so much and it was very sad to see her go.
Boy does she look teeny next to Papa.

Colby's mom came the day after Ryanne left. Susan (Gma) had never been to St Louis before, so we took her down town and showed her the arch. However, because of sold out tickets and a little claustrophobia she didn't get to go to the top. It was also Eden's first outing.
Here is Grandma with Eden. She just couldn't let her go, this is her first grandchild and I know she hates living so far away. It was such a blessing having her here. She jumped at the chance to change her diaper. In fact I think Gma is the one responsible for the umbilical cord coming off. Whoops!
Chillin with mom
Wearing her new little dress that Nana and Papa bought for her. Also thank you Jess for the cute little bow! I tell you what, Colby is captivated by this little girl. I have never seen him act this way. I love watching him with his little girl, he has so much love for her that I think he is going to pop!
Happy 1 month Eden!! Oh how we love you!


Emily said...

I love all these pictures!! She's such a beautiful little thing. Can't believe she's already been here a month... wow!!

Jessica :) said...

Holy cow! I can't believe a month has gone by already! Time flies even when they aren't your children! She is just beautiful and I am still so happy for you guys! I love seeing all the pictures of her! Thanks so much for sharing.

Jake and Katie Schwabedissen said...

She's beautiful Tara!! Happy one month!!

Powell Family said...

She's so cute. We have that same outfit she's wearing in the last photo. The shirt at least!

Danny & Crystal said...

She is soooooo adorable! I can't believe that it's been a month already either! You & Colby are so cute with her! I'm glad things are going well for you guys :)

Jessica said...

She is so cute. It is so fun to see her with grandparents! I can't believe she is one month already! Glad you like the bows.

Bryce & Catherine Rowbury said...

She looks like a happy and peaceful little girl. Hopefully you guys are getting enough sleep. I'm not surprised that Colby has been so drawn to her. Little girls have a way of wrapping you around their little finger. Hope all continues to go well for you guys.