Monday, November 2, 2009

It's FIXED!!!

A couple of weeks ago I was getting ready for Church and my CHI flat iron died!!! For any of you who have had this experience know that you cannot survive with out it. First of all CHI's are expensive but so worth it. Secondly, I have had it for three years and it still looks brand new and worked like a champ. Third, there were no signs that it was on its last life; but that morning it
just stopped working. So for the past two weeks I have suffered trying to use my old big one and two other curling irons. With all that my hair was still looking horrible. Isn't that sad, three couldn't do what one can do.

Anyway, Colby new had sad and depressed I was. I had been looking on line for CHI's and actually found some really good deals. But, Colby took the liberty of being Mr fix-it and tried to fix it.

First he took it all apart, and we found the problem, a wire had become disabled.

That was it. So it could be fixed! So we bought a solder and gave it a go.
But after two attempts, my hope was dwindling.

Then Colby's friend Pat was in town this past weekend and new more about soldering than we did. With a little persistence................................. IT WORKED!!!!

Here is the happy recipient!! Cal me crazy, but all I wanted to do was to wash and blow dry my hair so I could use it. Oh, I am so glad to have it back.


Heidi and Nathan said...

I know exactly how you feel... i left my chi at a relatives house and i didn't have it for a week... i thought i was going to die! I am so glad yours is fixed!

Danny & Crystal said...

Yay! Way to go Colby for fixing it--that's awesome! I always hate when hair appliances go out, so I'm glad you have yours back!

Emily said...

That's AWESOME!! SO glad you didn't have to get another one! I've had mine for 4 years and I think it's about come to the end of it's life... I'm still trying to milk it for all it's worth! Hope yours lasts a lot longer!

Jessica :) said...

Haha! Since I never fix my hair I never really worry about stuff like this ... but I am glad you were able to get it fixed and didn't have to buy a new one! Amazing you even figured out what was wrong with it!

Chad and Elizabeth said...

I has wanted a Chi seriously since 9th grade and guess what... I FINALLY got one two weeks ago! Seriously it was like Christmas morning when I got it home and opening it up. I totally washed and dried my hair just so I could use it... totally understand.