Friday, May 15, 2009

Colby's Birthday

Sorry, I know this is a little late but better late than never.  Colby had his 25th birthday on March 8th.  He said that he wanted a Turtle Cheesecake.  Funny thing is he didn’t even know what a turtle cheesecake was, he just thought it sounded good.  So like any good wife, I made it for him and added my own little flare to it.

I made chocolate butterflies!

Then I put them in a cupcake pan to curve the wings a little bit.  Then stuck them in the first to get firm.

Ta da!!! But I added the topping before it was completely cooled.  Boy was it yummy!!!

                                   Look!  I got him in the act of blowing out the candles!!

Probably his favorite gift was his mom made of book for him of his mission.

Oh, I snuck a birthday kiss!

I love youbabe!



Anonymous said...

So cute! Happy birthday, Colby!

Danny & Crystal said...

Happy B-day to Colby! Your turtle cheesecake looks AMAZING! Was it very hard to make?

Johnson Family said...

Cheesecake is so easy!

vonasekbunch said...

You've got talent honey! Beautiful cake. I want some! Happy Birthday to your boy! :) Hope you guys are doing look great! MUAH!!!!

Jessica :) said...

Great post, uber-talented Tara! Such fun times - love the pics!

Danny & Crystal said...

You should e-mail me your recipe for that turtle cheesecake--Danny would seriously love it if I made that!

ashley said...

HEY.....I just realized you actually update this blog now. YAY!!!!! And look at you Miss Culinary Arts!! :o)

Rob and Christina Watson said...

Hello to you too! Sounds like you guys are doing great. St Louis should be tons of fun! We are in southern Maryland right now. It's been a really fun adventure for us. Congrats on graduation!

The SaSSeR's said...

Hey, When are you moving??? so did you know that we are living in IF?? before you go you both should come over for dinner??